Epoc - a brain/computer interface

Emotiv Systems has introduced a new helmet which serves as brain/computer interface and allows the user to control objects by thought. You can read more about this on gamepost.com. I am not a big gamer, in fact I haven't played a game since Diablo, but the idea still intrigues me.

Fredrik and I recently wrote about Second Life on this blog and we agreed to stick to our first life for now, but I must admit these kind of brain/computer interfaces could get me interested again. Of course there is still a fair way to go from pushing objects around to fully control a virtual environment, but it is a first step. I would love to work for company working on these kind of interfaces. I believe unlocking the secrets of the inner workings of our brain holds the key to many more exciting applications - not at all limited to the gaming world only.

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2007-03-18Fredrik Rubensson
Found lots of pictures of this cool helmet at CrunchGear (gadget and computer hardware blog).