MAMP - PHP and MySQL for MacOS

I just downloaded and installed MAMP. (Found it via php.net - brilliant site about PHP.) MAMP is a bundle of MySQL and Apache with PHP for OSX that just installs and works.... I am not sure if it could be used in a production environment. Since it is based on Apache it would probably work just fine. I will just use it for development though. For people that doesn't like command lines or is just plain lazy like me there is a widget to start and stop the servers.

So why would anyone want to use PHP? Surely a mystery to me. But since it is quite popular these days I figure that it could be good to touch it now and then. More specifically - I decided to use it for a static web site for a popular restaurant in Sollentuna. Initially I will only use file inclusion to get rid of redundancies - later I may put some of the data in the database and do some cool Ajax things for editing it. I wouldn't use it for anything more advanced than this though.

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Thanks for the link. Database and file includes is where it all begins. Then you discover how easy and flexible PHP is to use - and are hooked! :)
2007-03-17Hardy Ferentschik
I am using EasyPHP. Also only one installer and you get Apache, MySQL and PHP. I am not sure how active this project is and I must admit that MAMP looks more professional.

I am also not a big PHP fan, but there was a time were PHP was pretty much the only scripting language you could use with most ISP. Maybe that's even still the case?

2007-03-18Fredrik Rubensson
The ISP I am moving to - textdrive - also supports Ruby with Rails, Perl and Python with Django so there is a wide choice. I figure PHP will be the easiest to install - it normally just works directly - my laziness shining though again... I think One that I used before only has PHP and ASP - maybe different now?
2007-03-22Liam McDermott
You might be interested in our discussion on 'Why PHP Sucks'. We've got this insanely intelligent Computer Science student, from New Zealand, on our forum who listed the reasons, it's quite a read.

The major good point to PHP is that it's very easy. The wife managed to pick it up and make a fully working, dynamic web site within a week.

Obviously, it's better than .NET (anything's better than that), but that's an entirely different argument. :)
2007-03-25Fredrik Rubensson
Thanks Liam for the pointer. Interesting discussion that confirms my gut feelings about PHP.
2007-04-03Stefan Julin
Hi! I had a brief encounter of PHP since a customer had implemented a web page that used PHP xtea algorithm for encryption. The person that had implemented this could not give me any info of how it was implemented and I needed to implement the encryption using Java. I searched and found the EasyPHP program and that was very easy to get up and running very quickly. After a lot of debugging of the PHP code I finally got a Java version of it working so that their PHP page could decrypt the url parameter that was sent to their PHP server.