Krugle the next Google?

There is a new player on the search engine market - Krugle. Is it going to replace Google? Well, not really. Especially since it targets only a niche group - software developers.

With Krugle, developers can easily find code, fix problems, learn new things and share knowledge, making them more efficient and more effective. Krugle helps professional developers solve their programming problems.

I cannot remember how exactly I stumbled across Krugle in the first place. It might have been a Slashdot article several months ago. Krugle was still in a beta state. I signed up for a beta account in order to check it out, but was initially quite disappointed. The database seemed smaller than expected and the interface was sluggish. I completely forgot about this new search engine.

Only recently I 'rediscovered' Krugle and must say that it has come a long way. The interface is much more web 2.0 ;-) and it seems Krugle has managed to index most open source projects I usually use (and many many more). Now, if I want to know how for example Hibernate implements a certain feature I get my answer within a few seconds by searching on Krugle. And have you ever been interested to see how other programming languages work? Well, just search Krugle's database for ASP, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, ... I am sure you will find something interesting.

I for my part added Krugle to my developer toolbox and can only recommend anyone to have a look at it as well.

Happy Krugling :)