Coffee table touchscreen computer

This is really cool. A video showing a new touchscreen computer placed in a coffe table top. Unlike the mouse based interaction schemes we are used to this one can register several input points at once making it easy to enlarge things and drag things around with more than one finger. The table is also aware of wireless devices placed on its surface so pictures taken with a digital camera automatically appears under it. A not so bold guess is that there will be several years before this kind of screen technology is available for the consumer market. Nevertheless - it is the first step towards the human-computer interaction revolution that is bound to happen sooner or later.

Microsoft is behind this news item which I first saw as a bad thing. (My default reaction whenever Microsoft is mentioned....) But after a bit thinking I decided that this device will come within my reach sooner if Microsoft is driving it.

Old comments

2007-06-06Hardy Ferentschik
As said - bring it on. I cannot wait.