Jungian Personality Type Test

Hi there,

Fredrik wrote earlier today about the 'Online community map' and I got somehow inspired. The map reminded me about a little test I took a while ago. Please don't ask where exactly the connection is, I actually don't know. Nevertheless, I dug the link out again - here it is.

It's a personality test for programmers ;-) Check it out. The test is based on the Myers-Brigss Type Indicator.

Needless to say that I am a JSTJ like many other of my programming friends :)


Old comments

2007-05-16Fredrik Rubensson
I am an ENFJ strangely enough. Interesting is that I definitely used to be I(ntrovert) but has turned E(xtrovert) over the years. It is never to late to change.... I wonder if these categories could be used to make decisions when staffing a project group?