not the Unified Modeling Language

not the Unified Modeling Language
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My coworker Mikael Muresu produced this wonderful sketch while we were designing the implementation of a use case. Ok - it may be a bit chaotic but it was exactly what we needed to grok what we were supposed to produce. Problem now is to get it into UML notation and the not so good modeling tool IBM Rational Rose. Maybe not a problem but a bit boring to be stuck with class and sequence diagrams. Free form modeling makes it possible to say much more.

The other day I attended an analysis modeling session for some really trivial functionality. We ended up discussing notation rather than the problem at hand. It is a shame when the tools we are using gets in the way for some true and real creativity.


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2007-06-06Hardy Ferentschik
Cool chart. I have no problems believing though that it helped you more than 10 UML diagrams. Do what works! UML has its place, but when it becomes a religion it just does not work anymore.