Sticking to the Human Computer Interface theme here, I thought I share the following link with you: Photosynth demo. The demo shows new and innovative ways to work with large datasets and is based on two main software components, namely Seadragon and Photosynth. When I watched the demo I immediately had to think about Surface which we talked about previously. I am not sure how and if these projects are connected and whether or not they share some code, but the demos are just sweet :)

I would love to get some hands on experience with either Surface or Photosynth to see how much is reality right now and how much is still vision. I don't want to imply anything here, but for me there was always a slight mismatch between what Microsoft promised and what it delivered in the end ;-)

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2007-06-12Fredrik Rubensson
Wow - that demo was really cool. The way the cathedral was build up from the collective stack of photos - truly amazing. All these new sites with collectively shared data will produce lots of applications like this one I am sure. If I could only come up with the killer one....