Geocaching - a great way to get outdoors

I just have to tell you a little about my new hobby. I share it with my family and a couple of coworkers. It is called geocaching. People hide caches (most often small boxes with random content) and post their coordinates to an internet site where anyone can pick them up and go hunting. We bought a Magellan GPS 2 weeks ago and have found 13 caches this far. Today we found a travel bug and a geocoin - these are trackable items that people send on journeys. The travel bug started its trip in Australia heading for England. We pick it up at one place and drop it off at some other place that is hopefully closer to its destination. It is really a simple game and might appear a bit childish or nerdy but its a fun way to get outdoors and who cares anyway.... Check it out at geocaching.com. I found this little piece about the history of geocaching while browsing a bit...