Huge web design survey

Awesome blog A List Apart has published the results of a web design survey answered by close to 33,000 web designers. Lots of demographics has been gathered to get an overview of the field.

Snapshots: the table showing salary range by longevity field reveals that 59,8% of those with less then one year of experience makes less then $20K while 54,1% of those with 9-10 years experience makes more than $60K. Folks working for the government are less likely to quit. Project managers and information architects are most satisfied with what they are doing (>50%) while web masters are least satisfied (40,3%). And like this it goes on and on. One interesting fact is that a salary between $40K and $60K is the most satisfying. It is as satisfying to earn more then $100K as it is to earn between $20K and $40K.

An interesting report with interesting conclusions. A must read for any recruiter in the field. The report is available for free: The attached report shares everything we learned. We offer it freely to this community that has given us so much.