Liberal arts in the software industry

Many but not all programmers believe they have a creative work. Many but not all are wannabe musicians or artists that work as programmers because it is still creative and it also generates monetary value. I am one of them. I would rather work with something else that is pure creativity rather than this hybrid where there are bursts of creativity followed by long monotonous periods often resulting in ugly pieces of software in the end. The longing to produce something really beautiful will never be completely fulfilled in a business that value time-to-market over quality and where most people is not that passionate about their work. But here is the money and it is still much fun most of the time. Sad. So - again - Joel (on software) made me happy today when suggesting "an undergraduate curriculum that consists of 1/3 liberal arts, and 2/3 software development work" going on to suggest that students should actually produce some real software while studying like a film student makes movies or a dance student finishes her studies with a performance. Makes me wanna go back to school.....


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2008-01-15Hardy Ferentschik
Read the same article. I couldn't agree more. I feel I am highly creative in my work even though I have so far not found a way to explain this to my girlfriend. There is also this natural 'beauty' of good code. It just feels good. Well, this probably marks me once and for all as a geek :)

Bottom line - if I would loose the feeling that my work is creative i would stop developing software (or change company :) )