A little curiosity

Here comes another little curiosity. In my latest two webapp projects I started to use Struts2 as MVC framework. I must say I am vey happy with this framework and it it a big step forward from Struts1.
Especially the interceptor approach is extremely flexible. The one aspect of Struts2 which I am still struggling with is the combintation of JSTL and OGNL, but this might offer enough material for a whole separate blog entry. The little curiosity I wanted to write about is where I found some working documentation on (J)unit testing my Struts2 actions. Digging on a view relevant forums several approaches came up, but nothing really worked. Finally I got lucky - on a fan side for the sport clubs Raptors and Arsenal! This is the post I am referring to http://arsenalist.com/2007/06/18/unit-testing-struts-2-actions-spring-junit/. By now I learned that the owner of the site is a Systems Analyst who is a fan of the Raptors and Arsenal.
Nevertheless my initial suprise when finding this blog was genuine :)