What's up

Wau, that was a long time since I've posted here for the last time. However, a lot of things have happened. I've moved from Stockholm to Göteborg, switched job and had a few month of in between. Life is full of surprises. Stockholm was supposed to be a temporary stay and out a few months became three years and together with my few months in Göteborg now I am approaching my 4th anniversary in Sweden. I've learned a lot living in Sweden not only professionally, but also about the country and the people. In fact it might be worth "zooming" in on some of things I consider as typical Swedish by now. Stay tuned there is more to come. Regarding my new job - check out this blog to get an idea for what I am working on now. A tip - how to you call: "A state of regulated hypothermia undergone by some animals to conserve energy during the winter?" :)