Do I love it or hate it?

For a couple of weeks now I am a proud owner of a 17'' MacBook Pro (2.5 GHz Intel core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM). I thought it is time to air some first impressions. This is of course not a thorough review, but rather some random observations. I would be intrigued if others share my experiences.

Let's starts some cons. What is the deal with the lid lock? It feels really flimsy when closed and while I know that I have stubby fingers I am almost sure that other people must have problems as well pressing the button to open the lid. I know things have to look shiny, but surely that lock could be done better without compromising the unique Mac design. Once open and up and running there is not much to complain about. One thing I cannot figure out though. Maybe it is a relict from my not so distant PC times, but what is the deal with the Command key? Fair enough that in most Mac application the Control key is replaced by the Command key. I guess I could get used to it, but for heaven's sake be consistent. Once you are working with a bash it's suddenly the Control key again. My guess is Apple just did not dare to replace the Control key with the Command key in the bash. Just imagine the outcry from all the shell power users. For my part the Control key could just have been removed. Well, maybe I haven't thought this completely though yet, but so far I wish it would be true since it confuses still the heck out of me. Another con in my eyes is the locations of some configuration files and the departing of the classical directory layout in Mac OS X. Given its Unix root is just seems wrong to me. In some cases this might be understandable, but why is my home directory under /Users/hardy instead of /home/hardy, especially since /home seems still to exists?

But enough cons. There are a lot of pros and overall I am more than happy with my new machine. Especially nice is that Mac OS X boots so fast and that the sleep mode actually works. It is the first time I own a computer where the sleep mode is working the way I expect it to work. Just have as many progams as you want running, enter sleep mode, reopen the computer and off you go again. Sweet. I am also impressed by the Look&Feel of many of the build in Mac apps. It is just a pleasure to work with them. And yes, in many cases it is just gloss, but that's what you pay for, isn't  it? The dock is also one of these things which are just great. I love it. Small little details, like the blue dot indicating that the program is actually running. And the way icons expands when you hover over them. Just sweet. Battery life so far is ok, even though I've heard storries about rapidly degrading battery life. Fingers crossed that this is not happening to me any time soon. Overall performance is great and so far I had none of this annoying "why is the system so slow now?" moments.

And last, but definitely not least - it's just soooo slick.

Bottom line - I love it :)


Old comments

2008-09-23Hardy Ferentschik
Ahh, I forgot one annoyance. Why can the finder not display hidden files. All the important configuration files in your home directory like .bashrc are hidden from view :( . So far the only solution I could find was this. If this is really it I really need to wrap this into some little script so that I can easily toggle this behavior. BTW, what are these .DS_Store files for?
2008-09-23Hardy Ferentschik
Some of my questions asked this morning got answered now by this Mac for Unix article.
2008-09-29Fredrik Rubensson
I knew you would love it. :-) I love my new Air. It is a bit slower than my old one but it is so light that I can carry it around without thinking about it. And the screen is so much better. I still don't know a good way to switch tabs in Safari though. The default is cmd-{ and cmd-} which is not the easiest. But (!) Firefox 3 understands ctrl-Tab so now I have to switch browser. Firefox 3 is really nice overall btw - might even post about it. (That would not be very original - would it... :-) )