Social network mess solved or added to?

How many social networks are you on? Me, myself and I hang at facebook, linkedin, plaxo, flickr, twitter, last.fm, del.icio.us and probably a couple more that I have forgotten about. All of them certainly contains slightly different information about me. Typically I update the profile when I first start the account and whatever seemed reasonable to share at the time is included. And then I don't look at the profile ever again. Yet another site called atomkeep solves this problem for us. Create an account, hook it up to all the sites you want and start synchronizing. Pros: all your profile information is managed at one site and then distributed all over the place. Cons: yet another site to keep track of and the integrity question of course. And just maybe I don't want to appear in the same way at linkedin as at facebook. But for basic information like phone numbers and email adresses it will come in handy. I will give it a try and let you know how it works out.