Pandora goes mobile

I used the excellent music streaming service from Pandora for several years until they decided to disable its users in Europe due to legal reasons. I then moved to last.fm which is good as well. The difference - if I have grasped it correctly - is that Pandora actively attribute properties to all songs whence last.fm relies on simliarities between users and seems to do this on an artist level rather than on a song level. Another - maybe more important - difference is the user interface. Pandora is really nice and slick while last.fm looks more like a normal web site. Now Pandora has launched a service for cell phones and it looks really, really nice an I feel sad that I am not allowed to use it.... Enough said about that. I am now a Spotify user as well and might blog a bit about that service later on.


Old comments

2008-12-19Hardy Ferentschik
Cool. I always liked pandora. In fact I am still using it once in a while even after they closed traffic for non US residents. I basically installed FoxyProxy and configured a US based proxy just for pandora. Unfortunately, you end up changing the proxy settings quite often if you are not going to pay for a dedicated proxy server. Being a proud owner of an original SqueezeBox and (since recently) a Squeezebox Boom I use more and more MP3 Tunes (I pushed my personal mp3 collection to it). That said I am also a spotify user and very happy with it. However, none of these services can help you discovering new artists the way pandora can :)