this blog in numbers [2008 retrospect]

I am really into statistics a lot so here is a post about this blog and the year 2008 in numbers. Over the year we had 1774 visits generating 2096 page views. Traffic has almost doubled compared to 2007 (although we started in february). Geographically: 638 visits from the states, 250 from Sweden, 127 from UK, 76 from Canada, 66 from India and so on. 75% of all visits started with a Google search. The most popular article is Hardy's No such file or directory - /tmp/mysql.sock with about 20% of all page views. The second most popular article is svn     over ssh prompts for the wrong user name. A reader commented: "This is the greatest blog posting ever. I've been trying to figure out this problem for hours!". Both this helpful articles are easily accesible with an error message search. The third most popular article is my take on the success of facebook - a bit surprising! Firefox was used by 57% of the readers, 26% on IE and 10% on Safari. Operatins systems: 61% on Windows, 24% on Mac and 14% on Linux. All this nice statistics mad possible by Google Analytics. Lets hope for 4000 visits this year!