Blue skies

First skydive of the year at Fallskärmsklubben Göteborg - grymt!
64 characters. I wonder whether I should start twittering :) ?

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2009-04-28Fredrik Rubensson
You have the gift!
2009-04-28Hardy Ferentschik
I am not sure about this one. I think I can give Twitter a pass for now and the near future. I admit by now that it can have some use, but in the great picture it is just noise.

2009-04-28Fredrik Rubensson
The nice thing is that you control the noise level by deciding who to follow. I am following Uncle Bob, DHH, Martin Fowler and Kathy Sierra that had an interesting conversation about professionalism yesterday. That kind of stuff is great.
Where are the pictures of your first drop of the year.

I just want to partake in the wonderful view over göteburg.
2009-05-09Hardy Ferentschik
sorry, no picture for this jump :( But others will come.