Time to let you in again on a little Swedish way of life - uteservering. All it is means that cafes and restaurants serve food and drinks outside. Big deal you ask? Well, here in Sweden it is. As far as I know there are even laws which governs in which period of the year restaurants can do that. Obviously it is out of question during winter. But the magic date is 1st of April. Suddenly you see outdoor chairs, tables and terraces popping up everywhere. However, even spring has certainly arrived by April, the weather can still be quite cold and chilly. That cannot stop a true Swede. As long as there is a glimpse of sun shine everyone will flock to the uteserveringar. See and be seen! Many uteserveringar will even have felt blankets on the chairs one can use to keep warm. I cannot stop wondering whether the law preventing uteservering before April is just there to keep Swedes from freezing to death. Just the fact that a table stands outside the restaurant seems to be enough reason to be sitting there. I will try to add some picture over the next few days. Otherwise come and see for yourself. Not only the nature is waking up right now, but also the whole country. I am suddenly realizing again - I am not alone.