GTUG meeting

Peter Svensson showing us the really cool Google technologies Wave and Android.
Google Wave is really an interesting concept. Incorporating mail, wiki, chat, micromessaging and whatnot in one service - it promises to maybe, maybe be a killer app of the next few years. The API includes the possibilities for anyone to build gadgets and robots that can enhance the experience. Peter showed a map gadget where he added map points simultaneously with a member of the audience. And the robot example was a dice that responded with results to d6 etc in text written by wave participants. To make sure it may be embraced by anyone Google has made the specs public and they plan to open source the wave engine so that anyone can setup a wave server (would be great as inhouse groupware (now thats an old word.....) for larger orgs). I have an early bird account but I haven't got around playing with it anymore yet - might in the future. The GTUGS might organize a hackathon dedicated to waves - a great opportunity to try it out a little bit more.
Android is not news of course since myself and hardy actually built an application for the first android developer contest. It didn't won but ended up in the top 25% - good enough for my ego. The way of working with it is slowly coming back to me while listening to the talk. It is a nice API conceptually - makes it easy to get into the mobile world. What I didn't like about it when coding was the strange usage of XML.

Anyway - it was a nice evening in Ottobonis nice 13th floor office and I will surely turn up in the future as well.

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2009-09-03Hardy Ferentschik
Keep us posted ;-)
2009-09-04Hardy Ferentschik
Running the risk that I repeat myself, but in this context I have to recommend again the googlesystem blog. Once you start reading it you don't miss any new tools and features anymore ;-)