Hos Pelle

Another thing I wanted to do for a long time is to play restaurant critic. I love good food and there is not much which beats a good dining experience.
Last Friday I visited Hos Pelle. The whiteguide rates it as "bra ställe" (good place). You can read the full review here. To get ahead of myself a little - it is a good place. I especially liked the wooden tables which created a warm atmosphere. The staff was also very friendly. So where is the but?
Well, the problem was that I decided to take the "dagens husman" (plain fare of the day) which was a roast with gravy, potatoes, pickled cucumbers and "sylt" (jam). There was really nothing wrong with the food (even though there is no way surpassing Hello Monkey's husman at the moment), but I am just sick of meat, potatoes and jam. Surely the Swedish cuisine has more to offer. Some more creativity please. My dessert - creme brulee - was very good and made up for some of my disappointment with the main. Unfortunately, the staff was not able to server the coffee together with the dessert :(
My verdict - Hos Pelle has potential with a lot of room for improvement, but given the decent prices I will be back :)


Update: I mean of course Restaurang Sandberg o. Månsson not Hello Monkey. They lie right next to each other and I never noticed which one I am going to. Hmm, I wonder how much this will damage my food critic kudos :)

Old comments

2009-11-02Fredrik Rubensson
In a couple of months you will long for potatoes yet again....!
2009-11-11Hardy Ferentschik
That has to be seen. Right now I am definitely ready for a culinary culture change :)