Not always right

In my travel guide of Buneos Aires I got warned that January and February might be bad months for visiting Buenos Aires (at least culture wise), since many museums and entertainment venues close down during these months. It turns out this is only partly true. Some museums are indeed closed which I experienced first hand while visiting the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Luján (the cathedral was open, but the surrounding museums were not) last weekend. However, what my guide did not tell me is that the city compensates with a yearly open air festival - aires buenos aires - with  more than 300 events. I must say I prefer these type of events than dusty old museums. I just returned from a tango theater preformance "Amores the tango". Probably the best performance I have seen to far in Buenos Aires. Ahh, and there is so much "dolor" in tango. Unbelievable ;-)