My favorite Android apps

Now it is almost a month since I've bought my HTC Desire and I admit I am addicted and the only way to separate me from it would be to pry it from my cold, dying hands. Funny enough it is not for the simplicity of making phone calls. When it comes to making calls I often wish my old trusty Sony Ericsson back. What really got me hooked though are the ability to read email, RSS feeds and of course all the other nice apps. Here comes a list of my favorite apps (in no particular order):
  • ASTRO File Manager - anyone with some geek blood needs it. I just want to know what's on my SDcard. Personally I would have wished for more structure on the filesystem. It's a mess on there :(. Good thing about the latest version is also that it comes with a task manager which allows me to kill any app
  • Quick Settings - a must have! One of the few apps I have as shortcut on the "desktop". Easiest way to quickly turn on/off bluethooth, Wi-fi and GPS
  • Gesture Search - nice app. Used it a lot in the beginning when I did not have my most used apps as shortcuts. I mainly use it to find and start applications. Not so much for finding contacts
  • Dropbox - trusty dropbox. A must have on your computer and now on your phone as well. In case you don't have a dropbox account yet use this link and give me and you some extra space
  • TripIt - again a app I already used on the computer, but became so much more useful now. Traveling really gets easier with this app and it must be one of the apps with the nicest design
  • Remember The Milk - same as for TripIt. Becomes so much more useful on a smart phone. In contrast to TripIt which is stronger as android app than webapp, Remember the Milk on the phone has still some way to go. Nevertheless, I shelled out the money for the pro version
  • Runstar - best running training app I found. Awesome design. Running is so much more fun now. Stockholm Half Marathon here I come
  • Ted - nice to watch some TED videos once in a while. The app has a bug though and each time you start it, it wants to upgrade!?
  • c:geo - nice app for geocaching. Has room for improvement though
  • Foursquare - latest toy/game addiction of mine
What's your favorite app?


The one thing I am missing is tethering. Hopefully this will come with the Android 2.2 Froyo.

Old comments

2010-06-04Fredrik Rubensson
Much the same! I discovered c:geo a while ago for geocaching. It crashes sometimes and then I fall back to Geobeagle which also is ok. I think c:geo needs a bit of stability and support for multi caches (or entering coors manually) to be really good. Nevertheless it is really good to be able to go caching spontaneously.

I also prefer foursquare over gowalla. It will be interesting to see who will win the positioning war.

Twidroid for twittering is fine. I tried seesmic for a while when twidroid hanged on me but twidroid is better.

I have been using endomondo as sports tracker which is fine - I will try runstar now though!

And then there are some fancy but yet rather useless apps like layar and goggles. Augmented reality isn't really making it in this kind of interface technology. But it is a great promise for the future. (And I will soon publish my first layar.)