HTC Desire random reboots

Arghh, I really have it now with all these new highly praised new gadgets. Is it too much to ask for some decent quality control in the hard- and software industry? First my MacBook battery starts swelling up and I get told that this is a "security measurement" and now my few months old HTC Desire thinks it has to reboot every couple of hours, sometimes even going into a reboot frenzy up to 10 reboots in a row. First I thought it must have been my fault and I tried to uninstall applications, change settings, read log files, .... Nada! Now I found this thread on the HTC Desire Forum. Turns out I am not the only one with rebooting problems and it very much looks like a hardware problem.
I never liked my HTC when it comes to making calls. I love my apps, but as phone my new "smartphone" sucks. And now I cannot rely on making any calls at all anymore. The phone might just decide to reboot while in the middle of call. Awesome!
Was the promise not that life will become easier with all these gadgets? For me it really does not feel that way. It feels I am spending more time trying to bypass shortcomings of these gadgets than I gain by the new "possibilities". It's just an endless energy drain. Time to call the HTC support. Let the fun begin ...