Mac Tips: Visor & TotalFinder

Time for some more Mac tool recommendations. Two tools I discovered just recently and which I already don't want to miss anymore: Visor and TotalFinder. Both are from binaryage.

Visor is a Quake Style Terminal. I use the Terminal application (shell) a lot. Together with my IDE it is probably the most used application on my Mac. I also utilize my virtual desktops a lot. One feature I always missed on Mac was the ability to configure an app to follow a desktop switch (sticky windows under Linux). The only solution (correct me from wrong) is to open a Terminal on each desktop. That, however, does not work so well with cycling apps using the Command+Tab shortcut. Visor is the solution and not only do I have now my shell available on each desktop, I also get the geeky ahh-factor visor style behavior. Just try it out! The app comes with a whole range of preference options to configure your Terminal appearance. 


TotalFinder on the other hand is an extension to Mac's Finder and allows to open multiple tabs and for example drag & drop between tabs. It also has a keyboard shortcut to hide and show system files. A problem I have been writing before about. It also solves another problem which was annoying me a lot. The creation of this .DS_Store files in directories. TotalFinder has an option to collect this file into a single cache location. Nice! Ahh - and of course it comes also with this cool quake style visor behavior. Check it out!