Conferencing before summer

My conference schedule for the time up til summer is now set. Next week I will attend jfokus - a conference I always have attended. It has now grown out of the central cinema into the new waterfront conference centre close to the railway station. The schedule is heavy on scala and domain driven design neither of which is of much interest to me. But it doesn't matter. Although I will certainly learn a lot my main purpose with jfokus is to meet with lots of old friends from gigs over the years. This year the conference part is two days which will be just enough.

In march there is dyncon 2011. Yet another of Peter Svenssons nice conferences. I expect to learn a lot about a couple of languages I am curious about and also get some in-depth ruby stuff. Developers working with these languages are often quite the best which also give this conference an extra touch.

Software craftsmanship 2010 turned out to be an awesome experience and I expect the same of the 2011 edition in may. It may seem like a bit over the top to go to a 6 hour conference in London but it is totally worth it. The interactivity and amounts of coding paired with a huge bunch of truly gifted developers is something extra.

And finally I will attend nordic ruby in gothenburg middle of june. It will be my first pure ruby conference and I think it will be great. I heard lots of great noise about the first edition last year so definitely a win.