Smaklig måltid from Passion för Mat

I just returned from this years Passion för Mat (passion for food) exhibition. Seeing and tasting all this great food inspired me to write a few sentences.
I love meeting the people trying to bring  good quality, sustainable and often ecological food to us. Honest food I call it. The most outstanding products often come from small companies run by true food enthusiasts. These people deserve our respect and support. They show us what's possible if you truly believe in something. And what pleasure they bring to our taste buds :-)
But let me introduce introduce some of Göteborg's finest, starting with liquid nourishment and a very new discovery of mine, namely Oceanbryggeriet - a little micro brewery. Their India Pale Ale or Göteborgsporter are real palate pleasers. Having a beer this good made here in Göteborg gives me back some hope into Swedish beer. Generally Sweden is rather challenged Sweden in the art of making beer. It should be enough to mention Pripps Blå or Norrlands Guld and if you had to drink any of these beers before you know what I am talking about. The only Swedish hope lies really in a handful of excellent micro breweries, including Oceanbryggeriet. At this point I just have to mention my favorite beer of all times. The German Tannenzäpfle from Rothaus. Unfortunately Rothaus is hardly exporting and my consumptions is limited to visits in Germany (maybe a good thing after all). Rumors have it, however, that there is one single pub in Göteborg selling Tannenzäpfle.
Back to the Passion för Mat though. Let's talk about another Göteborg icon - Da Matteo coffee. What a great coffee! Starting the day with a mezzo and sandwich (from da Matteo's own Panetteria) at Victoriapassagen is truely a great start into the day. Once you are used to this coffee there is also no alternative to buying it for home consumption as well. Nothing else will do.
Right next to the Da Matteo cafe is another  Göteborg gem - Flickorna Kanold. There you can get the best pralines you can imagine. My absolute favourite are the Göteborg Parlines with a dash of sea salt on top. But you won't be disappointed sampling yourself through the rest of the large handmade parline selection.
Talking about paralines one naturally thinks of chocolate. And when it comes to chocolate bars there is another small company I need to mention - Askinosie chocolate. Even though this is not a Swedish product (far from it, it's from Springfield Missouri), the whole history behind Shawn Askinosie (the chocolate maker) is so amazing that it is reason enough to mention it here. If you don't believe me watch this short video where Shawn tells about his journey from attorney to chocolate maker. Don't forget to order a couple of bars from the shop. Once you tasted it you will know what truely good chocolate is.  And don't just take my word for it. Check out this raving review of one of the latest Askinosie chocolate bars.
I hope I made your mouth water by now. If you also think that we need more of these enthusisatic food entrepreneurs you should consider becoming a slow food member. By becoming a member you support a movement to fair priced, sustainable GOOD TASTING food (if you are interested you can start with this video of Carlo Petrini and go from there). On top of these you will have the oppertunity to join some of your local slow food events brining you even more sensational taste-bud experiences.

Smaklig måltid from Göteborg,

 P.S. Proudly written w/ Ommwriter

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2011-03-02Fredrik Rubensson
Sweet! I tried a Järntorgets arbetarporter on tap at bishops vasagatan and it was really, really great. Talking about beer I could really recommend getting your hands on a couple of "epic armageddon" - an IPA from NZ.