HTC Desire - no thank you!

That's it, I have enough of my HTC Desire. Honestly, I have. What do I expect from a phone? Simple dialing, easily visible and audible call status feedback, easy access to my contacts AND a battery which lasts a few days. In none of these categories my HTC comes even close to my old Ericsson mobile phone.

Initially I ignored these shortcomings, because I was impressed by the amount of cool apps. I was especially hooked to social apps like foursquare, facebook, twitter ... But as I grow more and more tired of social networks, I more and more miss decent phone functionality. The following is just an extract of the annoyances I am experiencing:
  • it is unintuitive and takes two clicks to get to the contact list from the main phone screen
  • there is no indication on an existing contact of where it is stored. When you create a new contact you can chose where to store it (SIM, phone, Google), but you cannot directly see on an existing contact where it is stored.
  • it takes longer to establish a connection with my HTC than it used to take with my Ericsson and the call quality is worse (admittedly this is subjective). During call establishment there is no feedback at all. No sound and - even worth - the screen goes blank. I assume a energy saving measurement, but this is highly annoying when you start wondering whether anything is happening at all
  • random phone crashes and phone lock ups
  • and the absolutely worst - battery time. In the beginning I at least got 24 hours out of the phone. Today the battery is empty before I head home from work.
I still like some of the apps, but I don't think these apps outweigh all of these problems?


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2011-09-12Fredrik Rubensson
Ouch - that sucks. I am still happy with my Nexus S. Battery life is low when using the phone a lot (music, gps and wifi hostpot) but with "normal" phone usage it will probably last for 2 days. (Don't know for sure, I always charge it every night so I have it full in the morning.) I bought an extra battery so I can use the phone on lengthy geocaching trips or when I need the wifi hotspot.
You can always hack and install a custom ROM.

I've done that with my Hero because I was so sick of the Sense with the old Android.

Now I have Android 2.3 and it's way more intuitive/faster

Check xda-developers
2011-09-14Hardy Ferentschik
Right, rooting my phone and installing Android 2.3 might help. My problem is - I don't want to. I want my phone to work out of the box. I guess you wouldn't like to root your TV either. There are things which should just work. I spend enough time in front of a computer. Bottom line is that we consumers accepted a decline of comfort in several core features in exchange for a bunch of useless apps.

Out of interest though, I can see how Android 2.3 can help me to get rid of Sense, but what's about the battery life time? Are there any improvements in 2.3 as well? (Just asking for the case that despite knowing better I go down the path of rooting ;-))