Do you still need a Christmas present?

Are you still looking for a Christmas present? It might not be too late to get a copy of The Wild Tiger, the debut album of Aravind Adiga. If not the best book I read this year, it was definitely the most entertaining. It gives a great insight into modern India and I really got sucked into the story. I don't want to write a long summary or get too much into reviewing. If you want to know more, just read the wikipedia entry or even better get your own copy.The interesting bit for me was, how reading this book brought back memories of another great - Wild Swans by Jung Chang. Even though both book differ greatly in their form of delivery and even though one is about India and the other about China, both capture the reader completely and deliver great insights. We learn ways to little about the Asian countries in our European upbringing. At least that's my experience :-(
If you know any of these two books and can recommend something similar, let me know. If you don't know them, go and get them. You won't be disappointed. AND they do make a great Christmas present.

Merry Christmas