guardi - painter of ruins

As already reported we spent a couple of weeks in Italy this summer. In Milan we went to Museo Poldi-Pezzoli, once the home of a wealthy family and now turned into a museum with a really nice selecton of paintings. I like these smaller museums. It is possible to view most of the works without getting overwhelmed. This time I fell for a painting by Fransesco Guardi (a new acquaintance for me) called Architectural Caprice with Roman Ruins. The painting shows a ‘normal’ life by the sea and upon that some large roman ruins are added. I liked the sense of how time passes but life goes on and also how the work of the ones before us still dwell among us. The ruins may be seen as a symbol for our history continuously putting its mark on our life.

The painting can be viewed online at the museos web site. All rights reserved so can’t be shown here. The following paintings comes from wikimedia commons.