Notes on my Nexus 5

I got myself a Nexus 5 just before christmas. It was about time to replace me Nexus S - a phone that I have been happy with and not really saw a reason to switch out. Since there is no truly open choice when it comes to mobiles (not one that seems to also work….) I decided to continue with Nexus. This is my third. I also had a Nexus One before the S. I posted some notes on the Nexus One back in january 2010. It was my first Android so there is a lot in there that may seem self evident nowadays. Still - it has only been 4 years… One wonders where mobiles will be in 2018? Now I will just stick to the differences between my previous two nexuses and this new one.

It is big. I can barely use it with one hand which kind of sucks. When holding it in one hand I can not reach the opposite upper corner with my thumb. It turns out that this is ok when using it with my left hand but in the right hand there are several apps that got a menu top left that is unreachable. Another effect of this is that you’ll have to place the desktop icons you actually use to the bottom of the screen.

It is fast. Everything is much faster. Browser, GPS, music streaming, app starting - it all is much faster.

The screen is also big. This is the biggest advantage of the phone. It is actually meningful to watch video in this device. The resolution is good enough to make it a good alternative to the television set. When I lay down in my sofa and hold the phone in front of me it is the same visual size as the television set. No difference there. The screen size also makes the device better for reading. This is mostly because you don’t need tyo scroll as often.

The battery is internal which worried me a bit initially. I bought an extra battery for my Nexus S to make it possible to go on long geocaching trips. However the battery time of this phone is really good. I haven’t had one case of it running out yet despite doing many battery intensive things in a day.

The camera is good and fast. I may actually start to use it. I did snap a lot with a Nokia I had way back but since then I haven’t had the inspiration - just the occasional ‘must take’ pic. I bring my real camera whenever I want to take proper shots. It is a bit limiting to be sure so maybe that will change. The nice (if I may say so) photo below is taken with the camera on a walk yesterday.

As it should be - this is the best phone I have had.