Serving up that readme with grails

So you wrote a nice readme for your grails project and realized that it would be nice to serve it at some or other URL on your site. Yeah - happened to me too. So here is what I did.

First we need to add markdown capabilities to our grails project. For that we use the markdown plugin. Put the following line in your BuildConfig.groovy:

compile ":markdown:1.1.1"

Next - which may be tricky - we need to have the markdown file in our views directory for grails to find them. The file also need to end with gsp. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make a soft link (yes - git preserves soft links….. given your coworkers also is on some kind of unix):

cd grails-app/views/readme
ln -s ../../../readme.md readme.gsp

Then we need some kind of route. I decide to go for a readme path with its own controller but this can be done in several ways. Put this in your UrlMappings.groovy:


and with that goes a ReadmeController:

class ReadmeController {
  def readme() {
    render(layout: 'markdown', view: 'readme')

We pass the view to render and also a special layout needed to trigger markdown. Here is the essential part of the layout:


And there you go with a nice path to your readme.

This is admittedly a bit cumbersome but pretty straightforward. The other approach is to read the markdown programmatically and do the markup processing in a controller. Probably pros and cons with both approaches.

(On a side note. At times like this I miss Ruby. I did pretty much the same thing with sinatra a while ago. Add a gem and

get '/' do
    markdown :README

in the “controller”. Much easier.)