Go to test in emacs

So my emacs journey continues slowly but steadily. At the moment my customer is mostly about Java and I haven’t dared trying that in emacs yet. I am pretty sure it will be great once I get there though. My next gig will be more Ruby so then emacs will be my main daily tool. Great!

A month ago I told you about projectile and how I use it to find files in my project. In IDEA there is the nice Ctrl-Shift-T that takes you to test classes and I wanted to find something similar in emacs. I [turned to](https://emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/13548/find-corresponding-test-file the nice emacs stackexchange community and they had an answer soon enough. And - as you may already have guessed - projectile has support for this out of box. C-c p t navigates between source and test nicely. I think I will bind this to something shorter further on but it is good to start with the defaults.

Also I decided to turn on projectile globally and thus put (projectile-global-mode) into my .emacs file.