sthlm film festival 2015

So I visited the film festival this year again and here is my little note to remember what films I saw. I managed to squeeze in 6 films this year mostly due to being on the road for half a week during the festival.

Det vita folket

In english - the white people. A close future thing about life as a rejected immigrant waiting for the decision to take effect. The director spent wuite some time in one of these facilities in Märsta outside of Stockholm to get a feeling for the language and the process and all of the script is taken from real life situations. The way people are treated are really something no one deserves. The movie was already in the making when the current refugee crisis started so the timing here is on the prophetic scale. Highly recommended!


It is always important to make it to a japanese or korean horror movie and this year I went to this one. I am not much for horror normally but this one was really great. Nice photo, frightening atmosphere and night time Seoul. What else is there to want? Also - a story open for interpretation.

The propaganda game

A documentary about North Korea. A spanish guy manages to get permission to film while in North Korea. He shows - without writing it on our noses - that the north korean problem has many aspects. Most importantly that there are real people living real lifes also in North Korea. They just have a different outlook on the world.

An interesting thing about North Korea that the film pointed out is that no one really wants the country to fall. South Korea would have to deal with a reunion that will be way more expensive than the German one. China likes the buffer zone. US wouldn’t have a reason to have so many soldiers in the area and so on. It is quite depressing when realpolitik shapes the world.

Gold coast

A depressing film about danish slave trade on the african west coast way after the abolition of slavery. A guy goes there to make a garden and ends up dead. I would like to see the swedish version!


Another documentary about the decaying state of mother earth. I liked this one. Although it points out some obvious problems that we are facing as a species it focuses on lots of good and innovative things going on that can solve the problem. A real inspiration to do something on the smaller level.


This is the most beautifully strange movie I have seen in a long time. An island where there are only women and boys. Mothers and sons. Or maybe not sons? And what are the mothers doing on the beach at night? And why are all the boys sick?

It was fun as always to attend and I hope I will find more time to see more movies the upcoming years!