A pomodoro clock for the systray

I have been using pomodoro to and from for several years and it works really good for me. I haven’t found a simple tool for linux though (apart from the one outlined here.) I’ll be perfectly happy with a system tray tomato that can tell me when the time is up. So this weekend I went ahead and built one. I have done some fiddling with Qt before and decided to try it again. Since I know Ruby well I decided to use the ruby bindings for Qt. Qt comes with a class for creating systray icons that is really easy to use.

The code and instructions about how to use it is available at github.

My next challenge is to create an arch linux package out of this. I haven’t done it before but I suspect that it will not be that hard. The only thing I am curious about is the need to build ruby with the --enable-shared flag. How will this work with precompiled things? It would be nice to depend on archs standard ruby package.