Ten years after

It is a bit more than ten years since me and Hardy decided to get this blog started. In the first post I wrote from my 10 year perspective in the software development industry. Now 10 more years has gone by and my experience is so much stronger than it was back then. I still do mostly development and I still think it is really fun.

This blog has been a one man show for the last 3 years and perhaps a bit longer than that. I don’t feel som much joy in this anymore so I will do other things with my time than posting here. Perhaps some random tech notes will end up here but otherwise not so much. I am playing a bit with tumblr and I still hang around at twitter. I still feel sad about the corporateness of social interaction these days but I find it hard to do anyhting about it.

So some statistics. The blog has had some 100000 page views over these 10 years. That is pretty cool. One fifth of those views are from two popular articles that Hardy wrote a long time ago. Using macs textedit from the command line and SVN over SSH prompts for wrong user name. Both these posts have been linked from stackoverflow and that is one big source of traffic. 31% of our visita have been from the US while our home country Sweden stands for some 8% of visits. We have had visits from almost all countries in the world with the exception of quite a few in africa and Papua New Guinea. 42 % were using Windows, 39% on a Mac and 11% on Linux. To get all this statistics we have been using Google Analytics. Today I would have chosen another solution for tracking and I am sorry if Google have taken advantage of this tracking in any way. (They probably have….)

So to sum up. Don’t expect much activity here for a while. I may come back to it or may not. Or my co bloggre may return to the scene. I will probably keep the site up and running until I die. And if I do anything with it it will be to put it on SSL.